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1burning_desire's Journal

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1. Please post your application within 3 days of having your membership approved.
2. Post your application under an lj-cut. The cut text should read "Application".
3. The subject line should have your names in it.
4. Answer all questions.
5. Your relationship must be at least 4 months old.
6. Please respect the members and the moderators. It's common courtesy.
7. Do not comment in other entries or make any posts until you are accepted.

1. Be nice. You don't have to be sugary, just don't be mean. This isn't the place.
2. Post promotions or any other pictures/long entries behind a cut. This is just respectful.
3. If you do promote in our community, promote us in yours, or your post will be deleted.
And put ALL promotions under the LJ-cut!
4. When voting, please specify "yes" or "no" in the subject line of your vote.
5. Drama will not be tolerated.
6. Last but not least PLEASE remember to stay active & promote so we can grow!!
The rules aren't hard, and we're not mean. If they're followed, we should all get along nicely! :D

We have provided you with and easy way to do your application. Just simply compy and paste everything in the text-area below and post it in to a blank update journal screen. PLEASE, do not use rich text. The application is already formated the way we like it. If you must use rich text please make sure your application is good before pressing SUBMIT!

Promotion banners & buttons can be foundHERE!

Couple of the month is a contest where the mods post a subject and the members post a picture describing the subject. Example: Subject equals "kissy pictures of you and your s/o." So then you would post your cutest kissy pictures. Then when everyone has entered all the members will vote for the best entry. And the person with the most votes is the winner. And will get a prize.
Points: you will recieve 10 points for entering, 5 points if you vote for a winner, & 30 points if you are the winner.

Vot for March Couple of the Month here!

Mods post a price limit along with a present/objects/anything they want to see you buy for you S/O. You can't go over the price limit or you will not recieve points. Points: You will recieve 15 points for participating.

Cyber Shopping #3

The mods will make a post with random distorted pictures of couples. THe members job is to guess who they are. Points: If you guess all the pictures right you get a full 25 points. If you guess 1 right you get 10 points. If you guess none right you will recieve 2 points for participation.
Guess the Couple # 2

Mods post a word and members post pictures of theme and their S/O acting out the word. Example: The word is "shocked," then the members would take a picture of them and their s/o being shocked. Points: You will recieve 10 points for participating.

Mod Word #3


Mods post a list of things having to do with relationship or anything they want and the members search through the internet and find whats most appealing or appauling to them depends on what the things are you have to find. Then they post what they found in a seperate entry and mark is "Scavenger Hunt!" Points: You will recieve 30 points for participating.

List #3 and List #4

Question of the Week is where one of the mods posts a question. When the question is posted the members will then begin to answer the question with their opinions and then they can discuss each others answers. Points: you will recieve 5 points for participating.

-Question Of The Week! #4
-Question Of The Week! #5

Theme of the Month is where the mods post a theme where you have to create a work of art desribing the theme posted. Points: You will recieve 10 points for entering, 5 points for voting for a winner, & 30 points for winning.

May Theme of the Month ENTER

Top five is where one of the mods posts a topic and you list your top five favorite things having to do with the topic. Example: Topic: Top five movies then you would list your top five favorite movies. Points:10 for participation

Top Five #3
Top Five #4

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Hey, I am Stefanie. I am 19 years old. I got to school for business/marketing/management/entrepreneurship. I hope to start and run my own business someday. I am a huge jokester. I love to make people laugh. I am a really nice person until you are mean to me. Then I’m not so nice. I have a boyfriend his name is Tom. Without him I probably wouldn’t be the same person I am today. I am totally in love with him. We have a "daughter" she’s our puppy Annabell. We spoil her to the max. We are both HUGE movie buffs. And go to the movies/rent movies at least 6 days out of 7. I have financial problems and so does he. But we manage to the best of our ability. I am pretty independent for 19 and very responsible. Um, I’m a daddy’s girl all the way and if you think that’s lame, that’s your fault. I will always be a daddies little girl. Well I have nothing much else to say.

My contact info
AIM: TheGreatStefbino
E-mail: Drivebykid04@yahoo.com
Myspace: Click!

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I am Crystal. I am 21 years old and in a long term relationship with a wonderful and smart man named Mike. We met online 8 years ago (I know) and have been dating for some time now. We're movie buffs. We CONSTANTLY rent new movies. Our NetFlix account never gets neglected! We also both love computers, design, music, and our dog Bean. She is a chihuahua of the tiny sort and is our "child" so to speak. We're moving into our first house soon and I can't wait! We're both nerds. Really. If anyone has any problems or questions about the community (or just wants to meet someone new), feel free to contact me!

My contact info
E-mail: Crystalbomblatus@gmail.com
AIM: Sp0ngey
MSN: Crystalbomblatus@hotmail.com

Members page can be found HERE!

Banned // Rejected members can be found HERE!
Along with reasons as to why they have been banned.

Couple of the Month Winner for March 2006; mamakimi - Kimi & Kyle

Member of the Month Winner for March 2006; lovelikiss17 - Sarah